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Paver Walkway
Photo 2
Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway
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Paver Walkway


Preliminary Decisions:

  • Compaction of the soil sub-grade and aggregate base materials are essential to the long-term performance of an interlocking concrete paver patio or walkway.
  • Drainage should also be addressed in the system.

Installing a Paver Patio or Walkway:

  • Lay out the paver patio or walkway by spray painting the design on the grass or using a garden hose to get a good feel for how the client wants it to look.
  • Remove the grass with picks and shovels and store it until the project is completed. Put some back against the patio at final completion for back fill and sod.
  • Frame up the design with flexible plastic edge restraints that also work well for the rounded corners.
  • The client must approve the forms before we install the paver system.
  • Install the plastic edging using 12″ spikes to keep the edging in place.
  • Compact the soil sub-grade using a vibrating machine and test for compaction (critical).
  • Apply a Geo-textile fabric over the compacted soil so as to not co-mingle the Virgina Red Clay soil with the next layer of sub-base.
  • Spread and compact the sub-base of 21-A stone aggregates, using 2″ lifts to a total of 4″. To achieve a 2″ lift you must compact 3″ of gravel.
  • Spread, compact and screed (level off) the base of concrete sand in a 1″ lift.
  • Place concrete pavers in the correct pattern and lock into place.
  • Cut pavers to fit edges and around obstacles such as deck posts.
  • Install concrete sand between the paver joints and vibrate the pavers to "lock in" the pavers to one another.
  • Sweep in our upgraded polymeric sand. Polymeric sand has a glue base and will harden and not erode as quickly. That means no tracking of sand in the house, no erosion thru the patio and no ants nesting in it.
  • Compact concrete paver patio or walkway using the same compactor as for the soil compaction; however, change the plate to a rubber plate so as not to scuff the stones.
  • Blow off the paver patio or paver walkway with a leaf blower to remove any residue (glue) from the surface.
  • Lightly spray with water and let sit for 15 minutes.
  • Spray again and let cure.
  • You should be able to use your paver patio or paver walkway in 24 hours.
  • For driveways we go an additional 2" deep.
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